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Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!

When entering the Aid and development mission field, we must learn how to best serve those in need, to do this and share the love of Christ effectively we need to learn to listen.

When most-intentioned aid workers hear of a problem they think they can fix, they go to work. This, Ernesto Sirolli suggests, is na├»ve. In this funny and impassioned talk, he proposes that the first step is to listen to the people you’re trying to help, and tap into their own entrepreneurial spirit. His advice on what works will help any entrepreneur.

You can find further information and other content to advise and inspire you on the MIA Resource Board in the Ministry Tools section of the MIA directory. You may also register on the MIA website to access courses through your user menu.

Thank you for your floodresponse

IMG_0278Over the last 6 months MIA has played an intricate role in creating awareness of the situation, while consulting ministries in Malawi as they cope with the floods that ravaged the region in the first chapter of this year.

The Floods left over a 1.4 million affected in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar. Over 300,000 were displaced, with mass loss of crops, the crippling of existing infrastructure, the occupation of education facilities, and an outbreak of Cholera were all subsequent consequences of the greatest flood to hit the region in over 50 years.

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